Stringers #1

Paul and Nick are the guys who shoot the news. Filming car chases, fires, and shootouts in their busted-up rig, they put their (uninsured, unsalaried) lives on the line every night so that the good citizens of Los Angeles can get their daily update. But when a firefight between the LAPD and the MS-13 goes wrong, Paul and Nick find themselves on the run.

I’ve never been, but I’ve heard that Compton is a rather dangerous part of Los Angeles. According to Stringers, I can really make a name for myself as a journalist if I grab a camera and drive on down to gang zone and film the violence that occurs on those blood soaked streets. Based on events that unfold in this book though, I’m not really sure if that’s something that I should do!

Stingers starts rather abruptly, it feels like I wandered into a film that’s halfway over. There’s a lot of banter between protagonists Paul and Nick, but none of it really sticks. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the writing in Stringers, it just feels a little dry. The same could be said for the art. The entirety of the book is painted in unassuming, rather dull shades of gray. Then again, I doubt the gang shootouts and intense violence of Compton are in reality all that colorful, so if anything Stringers is grounded in reality.

My empty complaints aside, this book is actually pretty exciting! It feels like a buddy cop film, if instead of cops they were journalists and if instead of solving crimes they filmed them. Things get pretty hairy and there’s an appropriate amount of violence. I look forward to continuing to read the misadventures of Paul and Nick, this first issue gets the ball rolling for some entertaining high octane shenanigans.

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