Daily Archives October 16, 2019

Sister Mercy

Written and created by Corey Hardiman
Artwork by Ricardo Silva
Coloring by Lancelot Corre Catan
Lettering and editing Doran corkum
Published by Corey Hardiman
In association with Whitefire Comics

The world is in its death throes. Red, polluted skies hang like a shroud over barren wastelands littered with debris from a golden age long forgotten. The seas are fetid expanses of poison and putrid waste, home to monstrosities born of God’s darkest nightmares.

Generations have passed since the fall of humanity, since the cities crumbled and the very fabric of what it meant to be human was lost to the ravages of desperation. To be human now meant to survive at any cost, to do anything to escape the irradiated hordes that scour the wastelands.

The loss of virtue and morality we...

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