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By the Time I Get to Dallas

By the Time I Get to Dallas

Written by Colin Devonshire
Edited by Matt Idelson
Penciled by Juanfrancisco Moyano
Inked by Dario Marin
Coloured by Jay Moyano
Lettered by Jaymes Reed
Published by Pitdoc Press

By the Time I Get to Dallas is a limited series, 200-page graphic novel in five books about a young man struggling to become a doctor in the midst of an apocalyptic public health crisis. What if most of the human population tried to migrate to a single point on the globe? What would happen to them, to the people they left behind, and to the human species? What makes us human? Is it possible to lose our humanity?

Overall I thought this first book was very thought provoking.┬áIt’s not your traditional post-apocalyptic story, in the sense that it slows the pace right down...

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