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Aerobicide The Extreme Ninja Workout #1

Aerobicide Extreme Ninja Workout #1 Cover

This comic aims to be the totally rad ripoff of all those direct to video VHS tapes your mom has stashed in the closet and has never played.

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Vessels #2

Created & Written by Dave Cook

Art by Rafael Desquitado

Color by Dennis Lehmann

Letters by Micah Myers

SYNOPSIS – The dying world of Cairnthala has a new champion. Wake, the transcended warrior of light has emerged, and her quest to slay the demonic Eye-God has only just begun.

The Story – I really enjoy the concept of this story, it is apparent that the writer/creator put a lot of time into the world building and the fleshing out of the story. The only thing I personally wasn’t into was some of the dialogue. They try to make it sound “old worldly”, which I agree makes sense for a story like this but it personally just felt clunky to me and didn’t flow well. Other than that the story makes sense and I really love where the story itself is heading.

The Art – The art here is top notch, some...

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