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The Real Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary One-Shot

IDW celebrates 35 years of ghost busting by taking us back to a simpler times when Marvel gave Saturday mornings visions of The Real Ghostbusters!

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FairLady #1

Detectives in a sci-fantasy world encounter aliens, robot Jaegers, and wizards! You’ve played this scenario on RPG night!

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Kiss: The End #1

Written by: Amy Chu

Art by: Edu Menna

Colors by: Jorge Sutil

Letters by: Troy Peteri

Synopsis:  What lies beyond our world? Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? When a young man finds himself on the wrong side of life, he encounters Death itself and is set on a quest to seek out his errant demon offspring in an attempt to make his way back to the world of the living! But there is much peril on the way and the only ones who can help him are KISS! – Comixology

The Story: I must say I am not a Kiss fan so I wasn’t looking forward to reading this book, that being said the members of KISS aren’t actually in this issue except a quick appearance toward the end. The name”Kiss: The End” to me has a bit of unfortunate innuendo that I don’t think the creators were intending...

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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Killing Wirth

Our very own Lonnie has a Kickstarter and it looks fantastic! Don’t take my word for it though…check out this description!

Killing Wirth:Part One

Far away from Earth there is a colony world being poisoned by a failed weather machine. Colonist farmers are desperate to survive while the surface is being burned and dissolved down to rock. Giant monsters crawl out of the ocean to pursue the farmers across the countryside. The colony the survivors seek refuge in is in perfect order, except everyone is missing!

Long frozen soldier, Wirth, emerges from a casket. A deeply troubled man with no past, no future. Will he doom them or save them?

See? I need to know! Will he doom them? Will he save them? Where are the folks from the colony? If you need to know too, head right on over to the

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American Gods:The Moment of the Storm #1

Neil Gaiman is giving us more American Gods.

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