Daily Archives March 15, 2019

Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: 5 Seconds Vol 3

If you like a story about endearing characters, life dramas with action, adventure, romance and a sprinkling of time thrown in, you will love this graphic novel!

The tag line asks what would you do if you could see 5 seconds into the future and it’s got me thinking…Would 5 seconds really make that much of a difference? In normal, every day life, probably not, but what if you could see that someone was going to walk in front of a car? Would 5 seconds be enough time to save them? This is the final volume in this series and now I’m wishing I’d learned about it earlier! There is so much potential for this story and I need to know what happened and what happens.


If you’re like me and need to know too, check out their Kickstarter and get on board today!

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