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Geek Girl #2

Writer: Sam Johnson
Art: Carlos Granda
Color: Chunlin Zhao
Letters: Paul McLaren
Publisher: Markosia Enterprises

Geek Girl #2 finds Summer still fighting crime as Geek Girl, but she receives a call from the original Geek Girl Ruby who has just awoken from a coma. Meanwhile, The League of Larcenists are gathering near Maine and along with some hi-tech weaponry, they’re ready to make a name for themselves in the state of Maine.

Ruby informs Summer that she would like her superpower glasses back and the persona of Geek Girl back as well. She herself does not know if she wants to take up the reins of being a superhero again. Unfortunately, for Summer, she still feels like she has to fight crime. Without superpowers, that puts her in a tough spot.

This comic is on turning out to be a pretty go...

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Betty and Veronica #2

Story: Jamie Lee Rotante
Line Art: Sandra Lanz
Color: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letters: Jack Morelli
Publisher: Archie Comics

Betty and Veronica have to meet their promises for their high school years. They plan to go to the same college and they would keep their promises until the end of the school year, not letting things get in their way.

In this particular comic, it seems Veronica has been sidelined by a job offer at a magazine, also Betty is in the midst of doing a lot of humanitarian work including building houses for the homeless. In the midst of that Betty is also trying to help Moose get his grades up so he can attend college. Veronica has also received another tempting offer from dad, Mr. Lodge...

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Fearscape #1

fearscape 1 cover

A glimpse at the caption boxes and you know this is a story that is rich and clever. Illustration in the painted inks is artful. The land of fears vs one completely ineffective imposter becomes irresistible. Click to read about this comic you must buy.

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