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Grimm Universe Presents 2019

Grimm Universe Presents 2019 Cover

Could a modern anthology be worthy of a buy from me? Surely not! I mean I totally hate anthologies, right?

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Geek Girl #1

Writer: Sam Johnson
Artist: Carlos Granda
Colorist: Chunlin Zhao
Letterer: Paul Maclaren
Publisher: Markosia
Acorn Ridge, MA is protected by three superheroes; Pit Bull, Neon Girl and Geek Girl. Geek Girl’s powers are from glasses the gives her super strength and flying abilities. But, the original Geek Girl has been in a coma since her last battle, so a girl name Summer has decided to take up the glasses and help out. Summer does not have formal superhero training, but she tries her best helping Pit Bull stop crime. But she feels the need to help keep Maine safe.
The crime lord, Pig Head has gotten a hold of some hi-tech components that help him get away with an armed robbery without a trace. This is his pitch to low-level criminals to form a league of villains...
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