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2000 AD #2115

JUDGE DREDD- Written by John Wagner

Art by Colin Macneil

Colours by Chris Blythe

Letters by Annie Parkhouse

BRINK: HIGH SOCIETY – Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Inj Culbard

Letters by Simon Bowland

SKIP TRACER – Written by James Peaty

Art by Paul Marshall

Colours by Quinton Winter

Letters by Ellie de Ville

THARG’S 3RILLERS – Written by Robert Murphy

Art by Steven Austin

Colours by Pippa Mather

Letters by Ellie de Ville

FIENDS OF THE WESTERN FRONT – Written by Ian Edginton

Art by Tiernan Trevallion

Letters by Annie Parkhouse

THE DEAL: 2000 AD is a freaking legend! This compilation magazine is the birthplace of not only great series like Judge Dredd and Zenith, but also writers like Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman...

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The Freeze #2

The Freeze #2 Cover

The second issue of the Freeze #2 is a bit more violent, huh? A lot has happened since the first issue where the world was frozen.

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Dellec #4

Dellec #4 CoverInterested in spiritual fantasy comic books? This is a book I was originally going to tell you to avoid for appearing to end the story two issues early.

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