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Chuck’s Raw Reviews: Judas Breed

Hey everyone! I’m Chuck Pineau, a freelance comic book writer and editor. I run my own review channel on YouTube and each week I’ll share a review that I’ve done here on Geek-o-Rama. Here’s hoping you discover some great hidden gems of the Indie Comic world.



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The Mighty Crusaders vol 1

I have what the kids today call “a sad”. As near as I can tell, The Mighty Crusaders may be the end of Dark Circle Comics. Neither their website nor their Facebook page has been updated in some time (like, before this collection came out). I get it. The Fox didn’t do much, the planned Web series never materialized, Hangman died without closure, The Sheild was great, and the TPB (at least) said continued in The Mighty Crusaders. The only thing that seems to have had any legs, and rightfully so, was The Black Hood. So knowing that no matter how amazing this book was going to be, there won’t be more sucks.

In writer Ian Flynn’s introduction, he says that The Mighty Crusaders is a spiritual successor to New Crusaders (put out under the previous Red Circle digital imprint) but not a direct sequ...

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