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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Grayhat #5

This is the 48 page final issue, 36 pages of story! Pin ups, Backups, Sketchbook, essay stuff!¬†All at teh standard size of 6.625″x10.25″

If you have read and enjoyed the previous issues, here it is the finale, if you haven’t no problem. Get the other issues in the very affordable rewards.

This one looks like a lot of fun and we’re actually bummed that we’re just learning this series exists! Don’t be like us…get the entire set and support a fantastic indie creator! Head on over to Kickstarter today!

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Artifact One #1 & 2

ARTIFACT ONE issues 1 and 2

Written and Created by: J.T. Krul & Vince Hernandez

Illustrations by: Romina Moranelli

Colors by: Enrica Eren Angiolini

Letters by: Dez Sienty

Edited by: Gabe Carrasco

Published by: Aspen Comics

Set on Adenia, a world where science is illegal; and to question the gods may cost you your life, Artifact One follows the story Remi as she seeks to uncover the lost history of her people and the truth of a strange artifact bestowed upon her by her father. After Remi and her father are discovered by the Akolouth, the ruling order of religious clerics, she is forced to go on the run. Left with more questions than answers, Remi searches for the truth above all else…even happiness. Her most pressing of which: What is Artifact One, and what do the markings NASA stand for?

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