Daily Archives November 28, 2018


Created by Chris-Cliff-Reichard

Pencils by Karly Engracia

Ink by Vincent Alcantra

Colouring by Davi Comodo

THE DEAL: The Apocalypse is here. Demons erupt from the depths, tearing civilization into tatters. Money, work, politics – these things seem laughably trite when abominations are eating your friends as an appetizer and you’re the main course. But there’s good news – in the midst of Hell’s emergence on Earth, they arrive: the Four of legend, horses and all … and they’re our only hope.

THE GOOD: Angels Of Hell wastes no time sinking its teeth into the story; the end has come, we’re all screwed, grab your bug-out bag and hit the bricks. Why? It doesn’t matter! Have you seen outside? Diving right into the action keeps the reader focused on the page, rooting for characters, rather than ...

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