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Chuck’s Raw Reviews: Mr. Tatters


Chuck is a new addition to the Geek-o-Rama crew and it’s going to be one wild ride, I can already tell! Sit back and try to relax as he keeps you on the edge of your seats with his review of Lonnie Webb’s Mr. Tatters! Then, stay tuned in upcoming weeks as he introduces us to an entirely new side of the indie comic geek-o-verse.

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Captain Ginger #1

Written by: Stuart Moore

Pencils by: June Brigman

Inks by: Roy Richardson

Colors by: Veronica Gandini

Lettering by: Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt

Captain Ginger is about a spaceship full of highly evolved felines, who inherit the ship after all human life has been eradicated. Think Star Trek meets Planet of the Apes…but with cats!

First off I can say that it is clear that the writer Stuart Moore is a cat person, there are countless references to the behavioral characteristics of cats, that only a cat owner will pick up on and appreciate. That being said, Moores writing is clever and concise, but I wish there was a bit more character development in the first few pages...

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