Daily Archives July 16, 2018

Betty and Veronica Vixens Volume One

Writer: Jamie Lee Rotante

Artist: Eva Cabrera/Elainer Unger

Letterer: Rachel Deering

Publisher: Jon Goldwater

Synopsis:  Teenage Riverdale high school students by day and biker girl gang by night. The Vixens are a group of vigilante teens that are set on making life in Riverdale safe for everyone by driving away those who would harm or harass others in their little town. See Betty and Veronica in a light you have never seen them before.

Review: This is not your childhood Archie comic book. In fact, this is one that you get to keep for your own reading pleasure without needing to share it with the kids. If you enjoy Riverdale and look forward to the idea of a more adult version of Archie comics, this is a comic you will really enjoy.

This comic was written in a way to put the limelig...

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