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There’s life after death for THE UTOPIAN in new comic collection coming July 17

School’s back in session in ‘The Utopian, Vol. 2: Foundation’

The soap operatic sequel to Pj Perez’s acclaimed teen adventure series will be available in a 102-page trade paperback collection on July 17


When writer-artist Pj Perez posted the last page of his serialized webcomic THE UTOPIAN in October 2010, that was supposed to be the end of the story. The protagonist–a high school revolutionary named James Douglas who crusaded for social justice as “The Utopian”–died in the tale’s dramatic climax. The comics were published in four print issues and then a trade paperback, and Perez moved onto other projects.


And yet, on July 17, THE UTOPIAN, VOLUME 2: FOUNDATION will prove that not only was Douglas’ death not the true end of the story, but that Perez was far from finishe...

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