Daily Archives October 1, 2017

The Power of the Dark Crystal #7

After being separated by the Chamberlin who is in pursuit of the shard, Kensho and Thurma reunite under a common goal.

I may have said this in the past, whether it be this series or other related ones, but it bears repeating. Growing up with the Dark Crystal movie and other creations from the masterful mind of Jim Henson, it’s wonderful to still get content stemming from that work. The Power of the Dark Crystal is without a doubt a key example of that and we now move onto the second half of the series.

Jen continues his search for the “crystal thieves”, although he doesn’t feel that their intentions were necessarily of bad intent. I don’t normally point out individual lines, but one part here regarding the fact that Jen now sits upon a Garthim was so powerful...

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