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Shinobi: Ninja Princess #1: Lightning Oni

Ninja VS Monster Action is Back! After the capture and narrow escape of fourteen year old ninja-in-training, Shianndrea, the Toshigawa Ninja Clan has been forced to move to a new secret base further on the outskirts of Osaka. The evil Red Dragon has taken leadership of the rival Azumi Ninja Clan and is determined to fulfill the contract to capture Shianndrea at any and all costs. Now, with her new commanders in place, the stage is set for the Red Dragon to reveal her most powerful Oni yet, Yawata, the embodiment of war with the powers of lightning. However, Yawata has his own agenda and capture is the furthest from his mind.

It’s a combination of a bit of surprise and depending on the title even excitement to see a new volume revive a book after months or years...

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A Place For My Stuff Part 9

Welcome back to the aforementioned article series that has been on hiatus for a few months. Not by choice so much as necessity. February’s AZ Eventure Con (which I was a promoter of) was awesome way back in February, but it was also a launching date for my Kaiju Epic! Kickstarter. Not long after that I was back on the road again with Aspen Comics and hitting the convention circuit! As I mentioned in Part 8, comics never stop and sometimes you have to choose between comics and other portions of life. So unfortunately I had to step away while I ran Big Dog Ink. But now I have a more regular schedule in life with only a few convention stops left for 2017 and it’s time to get back to talking about creating comics and how exactly I did it

So Critter and Penny for Your Soul were both up and ...

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Dastardly & Muttley (2017-) #1

Have you ever gone to a movie and left going,”What did I just watch?” It’s not that you didn’t enjoy it, it probably had a stellar cast (with extra cool cameos), most likely it was a genre parody, and you really wanted to love it. But, “What did I just watch? Also, why is this even a thing?” Then the inexplicable sequel comes out, and you go watch that, more out of morbid curiousity than anything.

That’s sort of how I felt after reading Dastardly & Muttley. These have always been a couple of my favorite Hanna-Barbera characters. I always cheered for them to win the Wacky Races cartoon, and even with the drastic re-design for the post-apocalyptic reboot Wacky Raceland, I found them the be the most compelling characters in the series...

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