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Vessels #1

Writer: Dave Cook
Artist: Rafael Desquitado Jr.
Colorist: Dennis Lehmann
Publisher: Card Shark Comics

The Veil is the world between the waking and the dreaming, it connects our own world to the realm of Cairnthala, and the prophesied warrior-savior Wake is the only one who can freely cross the Veil, giving her the power to bend the world as she sees fit, and destroy the Eye that has terrorized the people of Cairnthala.

Vessels by Dave Cook and Rafael Desquitado Jr. clearly wants to be a fantasy epic, telling the story of heroes, goddesses, ancient destroyers, and two worlds connected by dreams. It has incredibly high aspirations, and while I respect the creators of this comic for aiming so high, I regret to say that they didn’t quite hit the mark.

In fact, that’s not entirely accurate...

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Future Quest Presents #1

As I was reading Future Quest’s amazing 12 issue story arc that brought together some of Hanna-Barbera’s greatest adventuring characters to save the earth, I mused, “What will they do next?” The answer, apparently, was to simply end the series and relaunch the follow up series Future Quest Presents.

The first story arc (and I hope this will be an arc in a series, not an unannounced mini-series that they will just cut and relaunch over and over) revolves around Space Ghost and his young protégés.  Issue #1 also includes The Herculoids, with at least Igoo continuing with the adventure for issue #2.

Writer Jeff Parker picks up at an undetermined time after he closed out his initial Future Quest story...

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