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Preacher Season 2 Ep 9: Puzzle Piece

Written By: Craig Rosenberg
Directed By: Michael Dowse

Tension continues to build in Preacher now that The Grail is closing in on Jesse and the gang. As the Grail make their move, everything else is put on pause for a very tense, but ultimately satisfying episode that makes an intriguing last minute turn.

After Jesse hit rock bottom last episode, his search for God hits a dead end. Searching on the internet turns up nothing but crazy people who see God in toast, and being on edge has him lashing out at his friends. Jesse’s not the only one on edge as Tulip refuses to sleep after her encounter with the Saint, going out each night to the Hurt Locker. Meanwhile, Cassidy’s storyline with Denis finally moves forward, with hints suggesting that Cassidy’s actions will have consequences.

A ...

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Your Pal Archie #2

Story & Inks: Ty Templeton
Art: Dan Parent
Colors: Andre Szymanowicz
Lettering: Jack Morelli

Everyone around Archie is preparing for the millions Archie has just won in the lottery. Archie’s parents want to retire early, Reggie and Moose want to be Archie’s entourage and Mr. Weatherbee wants Archie to buy a manuscript from him. Veronica even tries to teach him how to eat what rich people eat. This is too much for Archie, he just wants everything to stay the same. What he doesn’t realize is that it may just stay the same. The second story deals with Reggie’s bad, very rude behavior. Everyone he runs into ends up physically harmed or insulted by him,  but one wrong move on the football field may change him forever...

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Vampblade Season 2 #5

After team Vampblade’s first mission goes decidedly not to plan, it’s back to basics. Katie must learn to control her new relationship with the blades… while also keeping the comic shop afloat in today’s tricky market!

You suddenly find yourself transported to what appears to be another planet or possibly even another dimension. Wait, this isn’t the beginning of an RPG campaign, is it? This would certainly make for a crazy setting to have one though. However, this is actually Vampblade issue five of its second season and not a D&D night.

We interrupt this this regularly broadcast from Earth comic for this jump to…somewhere? At least 90% of the time anyways, where we see Katie in “Blade World”, potentially where the sentient being of the Blades is from...

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