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Hercules: The Wrath of the Heavens #1

Writer: J.D. Morvan
Artists: Looky & Oliver Thill
Publisher: Titan Comics

In the distant future, humanity has discovered that the ancient Greek gods and figures of myth were simply alien races from other planets, and they now fight and die for them in galactic wars. Hercules, now living with his family in space, is forced by one of the gods to kill his family, and redeem himself by completing twelve trials for the ruler of a distant planet.

That’s as near as I can figure what the plot of Hercules: The Wrath of the Heavens is. It’s got a real issue with over-complicating things. The art, the story, the world. All have a bit too many moving parts and it’s hard to keep track of it all...

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The Hard Place #1

Writer: Doug Wagner
Artist: Nic Rummel
Colors: Charlie Kirchoff
Publisher: Image Comics

After 5 years in prison for a failed bank robbery, AJ Gurney is ready to fix his life. Settling old debts and working with his pop as a mechanic, things are tough, but he’s determined to stick with it; until his old life gives him no other choice.

The Hard Place is immediately captivating with a striking visual style, likable characters, and naturalistic dialogue. It takes the typical story of a crook trying to set his life straight but getting pulled back in, and makes it feel fresh and engaging.

The colors by Charlie Kirchoff are what really sets the look of The Hard Place apart. Bright, contrasting primary colors make every scene pop...

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