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Preacher Season 2 Ep 7: Pig

Directed by: Wayne Yip
Written by: Olivia Dufault

Flying pigs are really one of the least surprising things to happen on Preacher. In just one season we’ve had a cowboy from Hell, Hitler, secret organizations, an angel, and man-dog, so the flying pig fits right in. Still, it’s a problem for Herr Starr – who got a brief introduction a few episodes ago(and an even briefer cameo in the first season) – the head of The Grail’s Samson Unit, in charge of dealing with false prophets. Along with a better introduction to one of the stranger characters in a show full of strange characters, “Pig” deals with the fallout of Tulip’s encounter with the Saint, Jesse selling part of his soul, and the revelation that Denis is Cassidy’s son.

Unfortunately, this episode feels a bit cramped and d...

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Dead of Winter #1

Writer: Kyle Starks
Artist: Gabriel Bautista

It’s the zombie apocalypse. You know the drill.

In all seriousness, Dead of Winter really doesn’t have much going for it. It seems to be going for a comedic tone, but its main joke is that the main character is a superhero dog. Except, the main character is really some guy named Gabriel, and the dog isn’t really a superhero, and the only joke is that the dog really hates zombies. In fact, they say it twice, because everyone knows that a joke is funnier if you repeat it without any alteration, right?

Aside from that one joke, it really is just the most generic zombie apocalypse story imaginable. There’s no preamble, just zombies, a colony of people, and a scavenging mission to a police station...

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