Daily Archives August 10, 2017

Preacher Season 2 Ep 5: Dallas

Written By: Philip Buiser
Directed By: Michael Morris

Sometimes, it’s hard to forget that these characters are, at their core, deeply fucked up people. “Dallas” reminds us of that by way of an emotional gut punch and the crushing weight of Jesse’s depression and anger. “Dallas” offers no insane fight scenes. No gay angels or cowboys from Hell. The usual manic energy of the show is absent here, replaced by tedium and routine. And yet, “Dallas” is the most intense episode of Preacher yet. It shows the nasty, dark heart of the characters we’ve been following, and the usual laughter and shock that’s typical of watching an episode of Preacher is replaced by a growing feeling of dread as things come to head, and a side of Jesse yet unseen is revealed.

After finding out that ...

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