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Marvel Comics Digest #1

WRITERS: Various Writers
ARTISTS: Various Artists
INKS: Various inkers
COLOURS: Various Colourists

This massive experience showcases a handful of adventures spanning over half a century of Spider-Man stories, from golden age tales by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko to a recent team-up as “Ultimate Peter Parker!”

From the beginning, we dive in to a jumbo-sized book filled with over 220-pages and a dozen stories, opened by the 1966 tale from Amazing Spider-Man #38, “Just A Guy Named Joe,” featuring the art of one of the most iconic and recognizable to be seen in a comic panel, Steve Ditko.

The story, written by Stan Lee, centers around aspiring-yet-failing boxer, Joe Smith, whose interaction with spilled chemicals eventually sends him into a frenzy that Spidey has to deal with...

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