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Preacher Season 2 Ep 4: Viktor

Written By: Craig Rosenberg
Directed By: Michael Slovis

The search for God continues in “Viktor”, but as Tulip’s past catches up to her she becomes trapped in a dangerous situation, and Eugene continues to get his bearings in Hell.

Picking up from the previous episode’s cliffhanger, Tulip finds herself in the mansion of Viktor, a mobster she seems to have wronged in the past. Her former friends within Viktor’s operations either ignore her, or wish she were dead, but answers as to what she did are still nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Eugene gets acquainted with his new neighbor, Adolf Hitler. The inclusion of Hitler as a major character is… interesting, but before getting into that, I’d like to talk about Hell itself...

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The Divided States of Hysteria #1

WRITER: Howard Chaykin
ARTIST: Howard Chaykin
COLOURS: Jesus Aburtov
LETTERING: Ken Bruzenak

In a not too distant future, the American president and most of his cabinet have been assassinated in a failed coup. A world in disarray, CIA operative Frank Villa senses another imminent threat to Washington looming.

Dark in tone and graphic in scenery, The Divide States of Hysteria is not a comic for any who would shy away from the darker side of humanity. Bordering between surreal and all too real as it takes us on its ominous journey, the tale leaps from one character to the next, quickly running through a cast of some of the society’s filthiest lowlifes before transitioning to the next miscreant.

Our central character is quickly revealed to be less than the upstanding operative that one may e...

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Katrina Hates the Dead

What would you do during the Apocalypse? How would you survive?

Those are the questions that have plagued Katrina for years. All the good boys and girls were raptured up to Heaven, leaving the rest of humanity to ask a single, solitary question: “Why not me?”

Hellspawn rose from Hell and rampaged across the world, eviscerating all they came across. It was bedlam, Hell on Earth. There was nothing anybody could do to stop it.

Then the Hellspawn got bored, and settled for a quiet life in the suburbs. They squatted in the homes of the people they once mercilessly murdered.

And that’s where Katrina Hates the Dead starts. Humanity survived the rampaging demons, and now has to work and live alongside them. They steal all the good jobs, and leave humanity cowering in squalor.

Would you be able to ...

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