Daily Archives July 13, 2017

Samaritan Veritas #1

Writer: Matt Hawkins
Artist: Atilio Rojo
Publisher: Image

After finding out that Owen McKitrick, a Missouri Senator responsible for three false flag attacks against the United States to spark fear against Muslims has been elected President, the vigilante hacker Samaritan, aka Samantha Copeland, is gearing up for war against the corrupt FBI and the United States Government to kill the President.

Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal’s Samaritan Veritas is the latest political thriller series in the “Edenverse” line of comics, which includes Think Tank, Postal, The Tithe, and Eden’s Fall...

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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Elvatron Chronicles Volume 1

If you’re looking for a great fantasy adventure story collection, then this week’s feature is right up your alley. I’m not just saying that because Elvatron Chronicles Volume 1 was done by a great artist friend either. Once you head on over to the Kickstarter you’ll be able to learn more about this great story, so go forth and do so.

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