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Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original Vol. 1

Writer Ollie Masters (Snow Blind, The Kitchen) and artist Luca Pizzari (Secret Wars Journal, Amazing Spider-Man) journey 10 years before Season 1 of Kurt Sutter’s critically acclaimed television series Sons of Anarchy to tell the never-before-seen, official story of Jax Teller’s first year as a SAMCRO prospect. Jax Teller has always had one dream: to follow the family legacy and join the Sons of Anarchy. But at eighteen, still reeling from his father’s death and just starting out as a prospect, Jax is about to discover just how hard the life of an outlaw can be.

Like a lot of the shows I end up watching, I got into Sons of Anarchy very late in the game. Once I did though, I super power watched it and caught up in no time...

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Secret Weapons #1

Writer: Eric Heisserer
Artist: Raul Allen and Patricia Martin
Publisher: Valiant

This is like jumping into a random episode of a TV show several seasons in. And for a #1, that’s really not a good thing. I’m not 100% sure of what happened, since Secret Weapons was very stingy with explanations or introductions, but it seems a powerful super powered being is hunting down teenagers with powers of their own across Oklahoma City.

About the only thing you get from Secret Weapons are the powers characters have, and occasionally their names. It’s assumed you know why they have powers, who they are, what’s going on, their relationships to each other, their past… But I knew none of that, and at the end of issue #1, I still don’t. I just vaguely know some of their powers.

To be fair, the...

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