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Hero Cats of Skyworld #17

Locked away with a Brain, an Athlete, a Basket Case, and a Princess.  It’s detention time for Bandit.  The Hero Cats of Skyworld meet for the first time!

Ok, this time I don’t feel like I’ve suddenly come out of some comic wormhole and trying to get my bearings. After getting adjusted to this brand new environment in the last issue, I was actually looking forward to seeing what happens next. So, why don’t we do that and get into issue seventeen with our Hero Cats of Skyworld.

Quite unlike him, Bandit finds himself captured in this new world and his fellow prisoners are the homegrown Hero Cats. Doing his best to explain the events involving the Crow King on Earth, he also tries to convince this band of cats to fight back here, in Skyworld...

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Tomboy #11

Warren lures Irene to the courthouse determined to find out what happened to his daughter, Jessica. Irene isn’t impressed with the trap he’s set for her, however, as Fate pulls all the major players together for one last showdown.

I never quite know how to feel knowing that a series is coming to an end, especially one I’ve really enjoyed. It’s certainly exciting to see what it all comes down to, but obviously it’s sad to see it conclude. With just one more left, we see how Tomboy is prepping for the finale in issue eleven.

At the courthouse, Irene gives Warren a lengthy history on The Branch and her weaving of Fate over the years, although the tale is actually directed at Addison. Meanwhile, Addi’s grandfather runs interference when her father Mark arrives so she can finish the job...

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