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Captain Canuck Vol. 1: Aleph

History lesson time (I’ll try to keep it brief): post World War II was a challenging time in Canadian comic book publishing. Crime stories in comics lead to the Comic Magazine Industry Association of Canada (CMIAC) being formed, just as the American Comics Code Authority was later formed for the same reason. By 1949, only 23 out of 176 comics that were available on Canada’s newsstands we published in Canada and, for almost 25 years, there would be virtually no original Canadian newsstand comic books until Richard Comely’s Captain Canuck was released in 1975. Being mostly published independently, Canuck would come and go from the publishing sphere for the next 35 years or so...

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Spacepig Hamadeus and the Captive Planet

Spacepig Hamadeus is not your typical comic book series. It was inspired but the wonderfully cheesy (to us) sci-fi serials of the the past, like Flash Gordon, Space Patrol, and Tom Corbett: Space Cadet. As such, Spacepig Hamadeus isn’t numbered. Each of the four issues has its own title, and were both written and published out of sequence. I will be reviewing them in the recommended reading order, not publication order, and labeling them in that sequence.

Captive Planet is the fourth (and most recent) title in the Spacepig Hamadeus series, and it is also the largest. The book is split into four stories, each very different in style and tone and, for the first time, two of them were written by someone other than creator Donovan Yaciuk.

The first story is Spacepig Hamadeus and the Captive...

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Hatsune Miku: Acute TPB

Acute, like the three angles of a triangle. Acute, as in the three sharp points. Acute is the tragic relationship between three Vocaloids: Miku, Kaito, and Luka! Once they were all friends making songsbut while Kaito might make a duet with Miku or a duet with Luka, a love song all three of them sing together can only end in sorrow! Based on the song with over 4.4 million combined views on YouTube and Niconico.

As I mentioned in another trade for it, my knowledge of this still hugely popular Japanese phenomenon is pretty vague. That being said, I had no idea what I’d be in for going into this manga adaptation of the music video. Having read this, I’m actually quite curious about the origins of Hatsune Miku: Acute.

For those not in the over 4 millions viewers, this adaptation tells of the...

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