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Spencer & Locke #2

Spencer and Locke’s investigation leads them to the seedy nightclub known as the Red Rose, and its dangerous owner who holds power over Locke. Meet Ramona Sinclair. If this femme fatale doesn’t do these gumshoes in, a death-defying car chase just might.

As often as possible, I try not to judge anything after just one issue, one episode, etc. This is one of those titles that I felt I was going to like after one reading only the first. Now having reading the second issue of Spencer & Locke, it’s becoming more clear I was right.

Following a very unconventional interrogation of Stanley (the school days bully), Spencer and Locke head to the Red Rose nightclub. Trying to find more clues about Sophie’s demise, Locke runs into another unwelcome person from his past...

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Yo-Kai Watch #1

Writer: Eric M. Esquivel
Artist: Tina Franscisco
Colorist: Mae Hao
Letters: Christa Miesner
Publisher: IDW Publishing

Yo-Kai a mystical creature that can not be seen by humans, but they can cause humans to laugh, do mischief and have to go to the restroom. This story tells of the time before Nate had the Yo-Kai watch, of Shogunyan the ancestor of Jibanyan. He is the silent protector of Princess Amy, helping her when she is in trouble by gifting her with the skills of a samurai. Shoguyan is in battle with Snartle, a Yo-Kai that punishes children who play tricks. Shoguyan does not agree on how Snartle handles these situations. We learn why Snartle is the way he is and why he has battles with Shoguyan and soon Jibanyan.

Full disclosure once again; I am not familiar with this anime, or a lot ...

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Blue Hour Interview

Geekorama had a chance to talk to the creative team behind the book Blue Hour from Action Lab, writer Dino Caruso and artist Chad Cicconi.

What were the best and worse parts of working together to make this comic?

Dino Caruso – The best part of working on BLUE HOUR was my collaboration with Chad (and the rest of the team). It was lots of fun to build this project together and solve the creative problems and see it evolve from an idea to a finished product.

I’m sincere when I say that there was no “worst part”. Working with Chad, and having the fine folks at Action Lab publish this story was a great opportunity and positive all the way!

Chad Cicconi – Best part — Dino had a clear vision of what he wanted and a clear story to tell...

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