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Super Sons #4

In what seems to be a break in tradition, the prologue for issue #4 is NOT a Kid Amazo scene. Instead, it’s split between the Kent Farm and Wayne Manor, as Lois Lane and Alfred attempt to wake our young heroes to start their respective days.

Elsewhere, Robin and Superboy are chained up, bickering (as usual), and at the mercy of Kid Amazo and his duplicates. After a reasonable amount of required villainous monologuing, the boys rescue Kid Amazo’s unconscious family and escape, with the help of SuperLex (who I guess is going by “Superman” now?).  After safely depositing the family away from the action, the boys return to assist Luthor, and the three finally defeat Kid Amazo with the further help of his sister Sara.

The issue, and story arc, ends with Lois and Alfred standing in Sup...

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Spacepig Hamadeus and the Ambush at the Hourglass Sea

Spacepig Hamadeus is not your typical comic book series. It was inspired but the wonderfully cheesy (to us) sci-fi serials of the the past, like Flash Gordon, Space Patrol, and Tom Corbett: Space Cadet. As such, Spacepig Hamadeus isn’t numbered. Each of the four issues has its own title, and were both written and published out of sequence. I will be reviewing them in the recommended reading order, not publication order, and labeling them in that sequence.

Ambush at the Hourglass Sea was the first Spacepig Hamadeus story published, and drops you straight into the middle of the story. As Hamadeus prepares to land on the shores of the Hourglass Sea on Mars, he reviews the holomessage sent to him by Professor Hayden...

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