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Super Sons #3

Super Sons #3 opens with yet another brief prologue, this time a flashback to Kid Amazo and his superpowered family, before moving back to our young heroes. At the end of Super Sons #2, Superboy and Robin were separated, with the silhouette of their respective uncles looming behind each of them. The transition between issues #2 and #3 is similar to issues #1 and #2, with the previous story ending on a silhouette, and the new one starting with the silhouette not being who you thought it was. In this case, it is robot versions of Superman and Batman, who are trying to kill their real life nephews.  They are eventually saved by Kid Amazo’s missing sister (actually a robot duplicate), who has the ability to control machines.

“Sara” explains that Reggie (Kid Amazo) had been holding their fa...

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Mangaka is billed as “The fast & furious game of drawing comics” from Mock Man Press. Manga is Japanese for comics, and a Mangaka is a comic artist. In the game you, and up to 8 players, are comic artists vying for fame and fortune.

Over the course of four timed rounds, players will draw ever more challenging comics using three Theme Cards that stay with each player throughout the game and an increasing number of Trend Cards that changes each round.  In the first round players draw two panels, then four, six, and finally eight in the final round. Here’s the best part: the scoring is largely objective. It isn’t all about how well you draw, but how well you express your individual Theme Cards and challenges presented by the Trend Cards...

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When Big Bears Invade

When I came across the Renegade Arts Entertainment booth at a recent convention, I was drawn in by the standup of a giant bear. As it turned out, they were promoting When Big Bears Invade, by Alexander Finbow and Nyco Rudolph. Both creators were even in attendance so I got to chat with them a bit.

Giant monsters are a fairly prevalent in modern culture, as are traditional tales of “undiscovered species.” On the modern side, you have Godzilla, Gamera, and a host of others in Japan. King Kong and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man are staples in America.  Legends of Chupacabra in Mexico, the Yeti in the Tibetan mountains, the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland are just a few legends known worldwide. One country that seems to lack these distinct legends is Canada...

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