Daily Archives June 16, 2017

All-New Fathom Vol. 6 #5

After exposing a traitor with designs on toppling the Elite Blue Council, Aspen and Tyler are taken hostage! Meanwhile, the deadly Typhos – once rudderless and erratic – are invigorated with new purpose: overthrow the Blue capitol city of Muria!

The more of this title I get the chance to read, the more I wish I had kept up with previous content. Luckily, this newest volume is a pretty good place to get back in without feeling totally lost. Hopefully, I can keep up with this one better continuing on with issue five of Fathom.

Having been captured by the traitorous Cannon, Aspen and Tyler are at his mercy as his plot continues. Or perhaps not, as Aspen’s YooToob video contained a hidden message for her boyfriend, Chance...

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