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Red Team: Double Tap, Center Mass #9

Cover A: Dan Panosian
Writer: Garth Ennis
Art: Craig Cermak

Out of options and up against the wall, Eddie and Trudy come up with a drastic plan to finish Eric Nightingale once and for all. But Red Team’s track record is not good when it comes to the ultimate sanction-and the Nightingale family proves to still have teeth. Our heroes discover the terrible true cost of stepping outside the law, in the final episode of Double Tap, Center Mass.

Well, if you are just coming into this story with this issue, that would be a bad idea.  I honestly would suggest starting at issue 1 or waiting for the trade, but that’s what I’ve been saying all along this would be such an awesome read as a collected story...

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The Leopard from Lime St.

Writer: Tom Tully
Artist: Mike Western and Eric Bradbury
Publisher: 2000 AD

After he was scratched by a radioactive leopard, 13 year-old Billy Farmer gained the strength, speed, and reflexes of a leopard, and became the Leopard from Lime St.! And if that sounds like Spider-man, you aren’t wrong. The Leopard from Lime St. seems to be a deliberate homage to Spider-man, or a rip-off if you aren’t so generous. After all, Billy Farmer is scrawny kid who’s picked on by bullies, lives with his Aunt and Uncle, and sells photographs to the newspaper editor Thaddeus Clegg who thinks the Leopard is a menace...

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