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Project Superpowers: Hero Killers #1

Welcome thrill-seekers, to Libertyville, USA. If you are unfamiliar with Dynamite Entertainment’s Project Superpowers series, and its subsequent spin-offs, that ok. A good spinoff doesn’t rely on it’s source material too much. You don’t need to watch Cheers to enjoy Fraser. Smooth Willie Williams Jr., Mayor of Libertyville, catches you up on the important details in a short “expository seminar” which basically comes down to the fact that Libertyville has “too many $&@#(! Heroes”

When the full blown heroes are busy trying to get a piece of the spotlight, what hope does a sidekick have? That’s basically the story we have when Captain Battle Jr., Sparky, and Tim (you’ve heard of, Tim, haven’t you?) are the first on the scene when Dr...

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The Power of the Dark Crystal #3

The return of the Skeksis kicks Jen out of a daze and back on the offensive in the name of Thra. Meanwhile, Kensho and Thurm look to escape the Crystal Castle unnoticed.

While my excitement wasn’t so much surprise this time, I was still very much excited to read this book. Had I known what would happen in this issue though, it may have had a bit of worry. Either way, picking up The Power of the Dark Crystal issue three was something I was more than eager to do.

In hopes of saving her world, Thurma has cause the Crystal to once again be broken, and the Skeksis have returned. They waste no time spreading terror as they did before, and in the chaos, the shard is almost lost. Thurma manages to find it taken by a creature undeground, running into Kensho as well...

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