Daily Archives May 4, 2017

Night Owl Society #1

Writer: James Venhaus
Art: Pius Bak
Lettering: Marshall Dillon

David is a loner at St. Cuthbert’s School, but he has a plan to uncover a mystery that happened within it’s walls. But he needs help, so decides to recruit a computer geek, a thief, a jock and his girlfriend. David has a plan and needs these kids help to uncover the mystery and the crime boss behind it. David has always been a loner and even the students he recruits didn’t even know they went to the same school, he has been attending the school for six years. As you read through the comic you wonder what is going on, not much is revealed, but it end on a high and surprise.

This is definitely a motley crew story, in a school setting. They don’t have superpowers but they decide to take a very big crime in their own hands...

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