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Bonus Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Shaman’s Destiny Vol 1. Trade

We’re pretty sure most of you like comics, and would have to hope you like our planet (right?). Well, if that’s accurate and you also like great adventures, we have a bonus project that’s just about ending to check out. Head on over to the Shaman’s Destiny Vol 1. Trade Kickstarter and be a part of the success.

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Red Team: Double Tap, Center Mass #8

Cover: Dan Panosian
Writer: Garth Ennis
Art: Craig Cermak

Trudy and Eddie face an unexpected problem, as the real cost of their dangerous choices start to become clear. But even that’s nothing to the explosion of deadly violence that follows, and soon our heroes are up to their necks in trouble of the worst kind. And that’s when Trudy has a very risky idea…

At this point the story is almost at an end with 1 issue left to go and even the solicits aren’t very helpful to inform a new reader.  I am just trying to point out this wouldn’t be the best jumping on point for a reader...

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Vampirella #1

Cover A: Philip Tan

Writer: Paul Cornell

Art: Jimmy Broxton

After a sleep of over a thousand years, Vampirella finds herself back among the land of the living, but in a world far different than the one she remembers, where hope is laced with fear and blood has a far different taste. And speaking of taste, finding an appropriate outfit for the era leads our fanged fatale to a chance encounter that will garner her not one but two potential allies.

As I was looking online to get the ad copy above (some PDFs aren’t as friendly to get that out) I found an interesting problem that touched on an issue I mentioned in my review of Issue 0.  When I did a google search for Vampirella #1, I of course got a hit on the very first Vampirella from 1969 and on the Dynamite site I got the 2010 reboot...

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New Comic Day Releases: March 29th 2017

Animosity #6, $3.99
InSeXts #10, $3.99
Rough Riders Riders On The Storm #2, $3.99

Hillbilly Volume 1 TP, $17.99

Scene But Not Heard GN, $14.95

Crypt Of Screams #1 (Cover B Mike Wolfer)(Mike Wolfer Signed Edition), $9.99
Equilibrium #2 (Cover C Limited Edition Photo), $7.99
Hatchet #0 (Cover A Greg LaRocque), $3.99
Hatchet #0 (Cover B Andrew Mangum), $3.99
Hatchet #0 (Cover C Buz), $3.99
Hatchet #0 (Cover D Blank Sketch), $5.99
Hatchet #0 (Cover E Buz R-Rated Variant), $7.99
Three Stooges April Fools’ Day Special #1 (Cover A Greg LaRocque QR Talking), $3.99
Three Stooges April Fools’ Day Special #1 (Cover B Bill Galvan Pie Time), $3.99
Three Stooges April Fools’ Day Special #1 (Cover C Photo), $3.99

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Faith (2016 Ongoing) #9

Friends in need! Sometimes saving the world entails a little help from your friends. When a suspicious new intern comes to Zipline, asking questions about celeb columnist Faith Herbert, it’s up to her coworkers to help safeguard her secret identity as Summer Smith. Faith’s greatest power has always been inspiring others – see just how much she’s changed the lives of her new friends in this special one-shot story!

We’ve all had our share of secrets, some much bigger and harder to keep than others. Now just think about what it might be like have a secret such as a superhero’s identity. Although they’re not superpowered, the friends we seen in issue nine of Faith are heroes nonetheless.

Ever since Faith’s coworkers at her day job learned her true identity, they’ve done well keeping i...

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