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Vampirella #1

Cover A: Philip Tan

Writer: Paul Cornell

Art: Jimmy Broxton

After a sleep of over a thousand years, Vampirella finds herself back among the land of the living, but in a world far different than the one she remembers, where hope is laced with fear and blood has a far different taste. And speaking of taste, finding an appropriate outfit for the era leads our fanged fatale to a chance encounter that will garner her not one but two potential allies.

As I was looking online to get the ad copy above (some PDFs aren’t as friendly to get that out) I found an interesting problem that touched on an issue I mentioned in my review of Issue 0.  When I did a google search for Vampirella #1, I of course got a hit on the very first Vampirella from 1969 and on the Dynamite site I got the 2010 reboot...

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New Comic Day Releases: March 29th 2017

Animosity #6, $3.99
InSeXts #10, $3.99
Rough Riders Riders On The Storm #2, $3.99

Hillbilly Volume 1 TP, $17.99

Scene But Not Heard GN, $14.95

Crypt Of Screams #1 (Cover B Mike Wolfer)(Mike Wolfer Signed Edition), $9.99
Equilibrium #2 (Cover C Limited Edition Photo), $7.99
Hatchet #0 (Cover A Greg LaRocque), $3.99
Hatchet #0 (Cover B Andrew Mangum), $3.99
Hatchet #0 (Cover C Buz), $3.99
Hatchet #0 (Cover D Blank Sketch), $5.99
Hatchet #0 (Cover E Buz R-Rated Variant), $7.99
Three Stooges April Fools’ Day Special #1 (Cover A Greg LaRocque QR Talking), $3.99
Three Stooges April Fools’ Day Special #1 (Cover B Bill Galvan Pie Time), $3.99
Three Stooges April Fools’ Day Special #1 (Cover C Photo), $3.99

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