Daily Archives March 25, 2017

Jeff Steinberg, Champion of Earth #6

Earth needed a champion. It got a video store clerk (that’s still a thing?!) with a bathroom problem. So far, Jeff Steinberg has risen to the occasion like the water level in a toilet bowl after an epic flush! Will he be able to fend off the next round of intergalactic feces flung his way or is the planet’s future about to be sent down the drain?

Jeff Steinberg grows a pair!

Maybe this character growth could have been seen coming from across the solar system, but I didn’t mind. Jeff Steinberg is ultimately a slacker movie in comic form, and slacker movies have conventions that must be honored: we’re introduced to a main character unwilling or unable to grow up; poop jokes happen; more poop jokes happen, and then the character suddenly grows up and gets the beautiful babe (who should be sm...

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