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Dark Horse Releases a Penny Dreadful For the New Century

Cole Haddon’s Inspector Thomas Adye Returns to Battle More Monsters and Mayhem in “The Strange Case of the Disappearing Man”

MILWAUKIE, Ore.—Victorian horror fans, rejoice! Dark Horse is delighted to announce the follow-up to 2011’s cult classic The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde, with The Strange Case of the Disappearing Man. Mr. Hyde’s Cole Haddon brings fans even more Thomas Adye adventures, while Sebastián Cabrol (Thief: Tales from the City, Caliban) lends his beautiful art to the story, and Hernán Cabrera (Caliban) brings the art to life with his gorgeously grotesque color palette.

The Strange Case of the Disappearing Man finds Inspector Thomas Adye of Scotland Yard struggling to return to normalcy after his run-in with Edward Hyde and Jack the Ripper...

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