Daily Archives March 17, 2017

Dollface: St. Patrick’s Day Special 2017

Lila’s first St. Patrick’s Day celebration at a local pub is quickly interrupted by a disgruntled leprechaun out for revenge.

I can’t help but laugh at the irony that I just happened to write this up today of all days. Honestly, I didn’t plan this, it just kind of happened this way. Maybe it was just luck that I’m doing my review of Dollface: St. Patrick’s Day Special 2017 exactly when I should be.

Lila aka Dollface and friends are out for drinks on St. Patrick’s Day, where we learn she even lived in Ireland for a while. The festivities are cut short when a leprechaun set out for revenge crashes the party. All the weapons in Lila’s doll body can’t take him down, as he’ll just keep coming back...

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