Daily Archives March 15, 2017

Infinite Seven #2

Somehow Anthony Zane has killed top assassin, Smash Brannagan. Now he has 72 hours to prove that he is a worthy replacement… and his fate will be decided in THE OCTAGON.

Kill. Replace. Kill. Replace. Trial by combat. Membership or death. Pretty simple rules, but not ones that any teenage boy would be prepared to deal with. Whether or not he’s ready, the newest member of Infinite Seven will have to face his fate in the second issue.

Accidental or not, the fact remains that Anthony killed Smash Brannagan and is next in line to hold that moniker. It is the way of the assassin group for over 200 years as we learn here. Entering The Octagon, Anthony must prove himself worthy of taking the mantle, or die trying.

In good old Danger Zone fashion, we continue with the no holds barred art that be...

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