2000AD prog 2117

Judge Dredd leads off with the retirement of Chief Justice Hershey. What can I say about a decades-long running sci-fi anthology?

Not a great deal. I hate almost all other anthologies, right?


Written by John Wagner & others

Illustrated by Colin MacNeil & others

Colors by Chris Blythe & others

Letters by Anne Parkhouse & others

Published by 2000AD.com

The number one thing I hate about 2000AD is there aren’t enough pages of quirky Judge Dredd stories. The brits throw in a lot of social awareness. And blend it, yuppies, druggies, robots and all. Why? They are all guilty, that’s why! Although, Dredd is jutting his enlarged chin with robot dislike the words could have said anything and the generic art would have worked. Look for a transition into uncontrollable combat next time.

The number one thing I so much love about 2000 is there is a constant energy and pensiveness to keep you turning the page. No other anthology has done that for me since the earlier days of the Rook.  I credit the evil space alien editor. Yes…inside front cover. With a concerted hand over the pages, there is a flow from page to page that just isn’t present in other anthologies. Congrats to Tharg.

Brink was a sleeper on this one. The detective story has painted a dotted line around a crime and I have missed it! Back issues, my minions! All the art is tops and still has it’s own mix of color, style and action. The art boasts French and cyberpunk influences…maybe Czeck as well.

I like all the installments as they live up to my expectations of four page chapters. This is a buy for anyone. Do you have thoughts on Judge Dredd’s Machine Law or comic anthologies? Leave a note in the comments!

Ask for it in your local shop or go to here.
With a watered-down Judge Dredd, I’m still dishing out 4 hot shots of 5.

Lonnie Webb

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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