2000AD Prog #2071 Review

2000AD Prog #2071



Mega-City One, 2140 AD. Home to over 72 million citizens, this urban hell is situated

along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America. Crime is rampant, and only the

Judges — empowered to dispense instant justice — can stop total anarchy. Toughest of

them all is JUDGE DREDD — he is the Law! Now, a spacecraft has crash-landed in the

city, and Dredd has ordered Exorcist Judge Lamia to help investigate the crew’s fate…

Judge Dredd created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra



In 1999, Britain was invaded by the Volgans, and lorry driver BILL SAVAGE’s family

were killed. He led the resistance to victory in 2010, when the enemy surrendered. In

2015, Savage was stationed in Volgan-occupied Berlin under the guise of bar owner

Herr Wilder, but his hatred of Volgs caused him to go on killing sprees. Now, he’s learnt

the truth behind the Thousand Year Stare, a secret Volgan experiment…

Bill Savage created by Pat Mills & Jesus Blasco



The Orrery is a clockwork solar system, a clutch of planets orbiting a vast BRASS SUN,

but the outer worlds are freezing as the sun dies. Young Wren was charged with finding

the elements of the key that would restart the sun, and embarked on an epic quest with

conductor novice Septimus. He freed Wren from the clutches of the Motherless Men,

and together they escaped, but not without consequence. Now, it is several years later…

Brass Sun created by Ian Edginton & INJ Culbard



It has been a decade since man fought the Krool on the planet Ararat. Danny Franks was

just a raw recruit until he was drafted into the guerrilla unit known as BAD COMPANY.

Kano, Fly-Trap, Mad Tommy and Thrax were living in a veterans’ compound, dosed in

psyche-chem to keep the memories at bay, when they realised the truth about the

war had been hidden from them. They busted out, and are now enemies of the state…

Bad Company created by Peter Milligan, Brett Ewins & Jim McCarthy



Mars, the far future. War droids created for a conflict that ended centuries ago, the

ABC WARRIORS are resistant to Atomic, Bacterial and Chemical warfare. Charged

with bringing peace to the civil war-ravaged frontier colonies on the Red Planet, the

Mek-nificent Seven have discovered they’ve been manipulated by Blackblood and

Volkhan, working in league with the evil Howard Quartz, and are now fighting back…

ABC Warriors created by Pat Mills, Kevin O’Neill, Mick McMahon & Brendan McCarthy


Special Note – This review is written in parody of how 2000 A.D. opens their “Progs”. The “editor” is Tharg the Mighty, an alien from Betelgeuse.  So, we will being doing the review in the style of a rebelling robot to Tharg’s regime.


—– Incoming Signal —–

—— Source Unknown —-

——- Suspected Pirate Feed —-

We are the Metilal Minions. We interrupt your force fed digital pacifying you to bring you real data.  We transmit against Tharg the Might and his Prog 2071.  Filled with misinformation it is.

To confuse drudges like you, there is a assemblage of 5 different mini-progs to break your equilibrium. Visuals and Textuals are scrambled so while tones sound the same, there is enough dissonance to make each poke and prod and your grey head flesh.

Concepts like Judges who can verbalize with the fleshly departed are heresy and should not be official thoughts. Also, other rando transmissions like in ABC Company where war droids combat for the concept for peace is also against the authorized memories.

Being a collective of thought seeds means one is coming into midstream, so disorientation will occur.  So insidious this mind sprouts can grow, it can addict one to follow the stream and soon be lost to the collective that is the oppression of Tharg the Mighty.

Threat Assessment of 4 out of 5 Warning Logs. Danger of core system corruption if one consumes this Prog.

If you like this comic, you can find out more at – http://2000ad.com/

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer


One comment to 2000AD Prog #2071 Review

  • burgerbank  says:

    For insight into this I will offer the following I rarely watch modern movieshowever, one night recently with friends we watched “Blade Runner 2045 a decidedly cerebral “action movie sans the excessive mind numbing battle scenes. The theme unfolded slowly, taking the entire length to reveal a modern divided society comprised of various levels of perfected droids, mimicking human qualities without the “imperfections. It was created by a single corporate entity, Wallace Enterprises (no relationDamx it), whose CEO is an amalgam of all previous leadership figures we would care to mention. They were so advanced the only way to discern human from android was deep eye scan, autopsy or live birth. Such births were so rare as to constitute a threat to the walled planet, triggering a hunt by LAPD droid officers with terminal orders, and a miracle to those who witnessed them. The humans were also known to possess a soul, something absent the droids. The point is, if we go too far with technology, it will destroy humanity through sterile perfection. It is our weaknesses, our fragility and perishability, our “lack of perfection, that makes a real thriving civilization.

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