2000 AD Prog 1989

Action!  Action! Action!  Finally we have some action in the long running Dredd serial that features Texan Judges taking over Mega City One with a plan to wipe out all the mutants and cyborgs, leaving a pristine (sort-of) utopia for humans.  Dredd and his team of crack Judges alongside Justice America end up in a stand-off.  They have the top floor wired, but Oswinn has her finger on the button to wipe out the Meg.  Who’s going to blink first?  This one has been one of the longest wind ups I can recall for 2k AD, but it just doesn’t grab me the way I’d like.

In The Brink, Kurtis learns that the remaining sane people on the stations advocate blowing up the current system and starting all over again with colonization on a brand new planet.  What can it hurt when the current system is already breaking down and their home planet is rubble?  This one was notably lacking in action, but the dialogue between Kurtis and the conspirators made for good reading that is the hallmark of a excellent sci-fi stories.  What if?  And what we will do to survive?

Black Shuck is in his animal form and on the trail of the monster, The Scucca, but his people can’t tell the difference, back in the keep the bishop is trying to keep his queen in the chapel, ostensibly to save her life.  Will Shuck be able to face off with the Scucca or is he the only monster in this tale?  I had rather high hopes for this one when it started out, but it’s become not only formulaic but lacking in any real surprises.  The artwork is also more than a little dull for such an iconic character.

Future Shocks offers up a one-shot that is easily my favorite in the entire issue.  In it we see the perils of an aging “best of the best” bounty hunter running into an upstart.  The story isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s told with witty dialogue, nice pacing, and vivid artwork.

Last up is Scarlet Traces where the humans realize that their “visitor” is actually a Martian infiltrator, who is there to warn them that the aliens are intent on blowing up the solar system rather than getting into another messy squabble.  Do they trust him, or is this another trap?  A fun look where they alien is as charming as he is potentially evil.  Shades of Stranger in a Strange Land.

After 2000 AD you will never look at the future the same way again!

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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