2000 AD Prog 1988

The Texans continue to tighten the noose around the neck of Mega City One as Judge Alwin begins to hunt down the persistent thorns in her side.  Lewis and the other Psi-Judges are systematically neutralized to prevent them from acting as organizers for the remaining Judges loyal to the Meg.  It’s up to Dredd and his cadre of resistance fighters to take back Mega City One from the invaders.  This was is a bit on the low side but it is great to see so many familiar faces popping up in this one like America, Hershey, Lewis, Rico, etc.

In this issue of the Brink, Kurtz gets cornered by the mob of drug induced holy rollers and narrowly escapes by cutting off the gravity.  What follows is another nightmare chase for her through the tunnels and access corridors of the station until she meets up with a few other “normal” citizens that have a few warrens in the massive station.  A little bit of a slow boil, but still satisfying cops in space paranoia piece.

Despite losing his mind to the Psychopomp last installment, Zana still escapes so it looks like the good guys have won right?  Wrong!  The lord of chaos is now sending his stone army to destroy anything that lives on the earth.  Hashtag pyrrhic victory!  I was a little letdown that losing Slaine to the mind influence of his enemy really amounted to nothing for the serial.  Even bigger battle coming up!

Black Shuck heats up to a boil when the shapeshifter has to spring into action to save a baby when a village falls under attack.  He is of course mistaken for the monster that has recently started to plague the kingdom, but seems to redeem himself with his actions.  Shuck spends more time working with the bishop to find a way to save pregnant queen, but the situation seems grim.

Scarlet Traces debuts a new serial in this issue, years have gone by and the world is at war with the Martians who weren’t really from Mars after all but some other world before they used up all its resources.  An enemy ship is detected and dispatched but a pod with a curious visitor still manages to touchdown.  The story isn’t much to go on so far but the bright, vivid artwork promises an unforgettable stories.

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