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2000 AD Prog 1987

Mega City One is heating up to an epic battle between Judges between the East and the West.  Judge Giant takes a beating from the Texans but turns the tables on them, delivering more than a little payback to the ten gallon hat wearing fascists.  He makes his way to the meeting with the renegade judges while back at the council Justice Keen is learning that her city has been completely compromised by the “invading” Judges and there isn’t a damned thing that she can do about it.  Another run of delayed frustration for this long running serial.  Cue the theme for anticipation.

Still on the battlefield Slaine is telepathically assaulted by the evil ugly guy.  He is forced to live through all the ugly little half truths about his mother Macha and before long it takes its toll when he smashes his bow and descends into madness while his allies are forced to fend for themselves.  You could skip this installment and probably never even notice, other some nice breakdowns by the artist.

Beginning to sense a theme?  In the Brink, Kurtis finds that her “lead” is dead with another ritualistic sigil inscribed over her head.  When she turns to leave, she beholds an angry mob waiting for her outside.  What follows is a lengthy smash and dash flight for her life through air ducts.  Once again, fairly light on any real content other than some great artwork.  The bright colors keep things going for me on this strip.

More political wrangling takes place in the Black Shuck story with more or less just rising tensions within the kingdom and the healer coming to the conclusion that Shuck’s Queen must be sequestered in a holy place if there is any hope at all to saving her.  More omens and none of them portend well for our hero.

Back to the Grey Area and the survivors of the battle against the God-Star get their marching orders from the Congruence.  Some nice banter between Resting Bitch Face and Officer Compelling Musk Odour.  Will the band be permanently broken up?  Does the Congruence mean an even greater threat to Earth and its alien friends?

Check out  2000 AD Online for all the foreshadowing you can stand.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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