12 Gauge Stereo

Scott loves his friends and, strangely, his crappy little New
Jersey town. And he’s not going to let the aliens destroy it (or the world for
that matter). But first he has to grow a pair, break the sound barrier and then
the funny looking faces on those aliens. Then, he can finally prove to his
friends that he can stand on his own.
Initially, I will admit I did have a hard time trying to figure
out what was going on with the book. 
After reading over it a couple more times though, the primary concept of
the story seems pretty interesting.  So,
prepare yourself as sci-fi meets rural street life in this collection of 12
Gauge Stereo webcomic chapters.
From what I gathered in this introduction to the story, we
follow the adventures of a group of kids in Jersey.  What makes these adventures different from
most is that they appear to have various powers thanks to extraterrestrial
visitors.  Beyond that, I’d have to think
more shall be revealed as the webcomic continues online.
As far as the artwork goes, it is on the rougher side,
sometimes a bit too much so to interpret each sequence.  One thing I did appreciate is that it seems
to have manga influence, and as an avid anime/mange fan, that works for me.
All in all, it was a decent read.  I’m not sure that this particular story
translated well into a singular grouping of chapters.  As an ongoing webcomic though, the story does
have promise as it continues onward.
For more information on the 12 Gauge Stereo comic, check out 12 Gauge Stereo.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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