Zombie Tramp Origins #1

The impossible to find, long out of print original series, in full color for the first time! Revisit the powerful origin story that launched a modern cult classic as high priced Hollywood call girl, Janey Belle, gets set on her fateful path to become… Zombie Tramp! This is a remastered reprinting of the first series that was never before released in single issues to the direct market.

Ever since I saw this announced in Previews, I have been eagerly awaiting its release. Like the summary points out, unless you’re one of the extremely lucky few to own the original, it hasn’t been possible to read. Finally, the general public will get to see what started it all beginning with Zombie Tramp Origins issue one.

Before she was Zombie Tramp, Janey Belle was once the top dollar number one call g...

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Blood Shot’s Day Off #1

Writer: Eliot Rahal
Artist: Khari Evans
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Publisher: Valiant

Two soldiers out of time, kept alive as part of a secret project that turned them into weapons of mass destruction, have finally earned a day off after decades of service.

There are two major problems I have with Valiant as a whole. It’s very confusing and unwelcoming to newcomers, and attempts to explain backstory come off as poorly written exposition dumps. It’s also all very silly, which in theory is fine, but it’s all played straight and there’s usually nothing to anchor it and for the most part, the silliness all gets to be too much. Blood Shot’s Day Off is needlessly confusing, and incredibly silly, but it does manage to find an emotional anchor that makes those two issues easier to deal wit...

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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Patriotika #1

There is an infinite amount of topics that comics can pull from and often combine, although they don’t always work. Our feature this week mixes superheroes and Greek mythology and that sounds awesome. If you agree, you’ll want to learn more about Patriotika and can do so at the Kickstarter page.

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Preacher Season 2 Ep 3: Damsels

Written by: Sara Goodman
Directed by: Michael Slovis

The third episode this season of Preacher opts to slow things down a bit and focus on our main characters as they arrive in New Orleans. Tulip tries to hide from her past, while Jesse’s search for God gets him in trouble. Meanwhile, Eugene (Ian Colletti) relives his worst memory over and over again in Hell until the machines malfunction and he meets his neighbors.

Eugene’s Hell comes with a revelation about the character that manages to make you feel genuinely sorry for him, even as the absurdity of the situation can’t help but make you laugh a little...

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Wynonna Earp Season 2 Ep 1: Steel Bars and Stone Walls

Wynonna Earp comes back bigger, better and more badass then ever before. A new season also means new characters. With new actors joining along for the ride but not all get to sick around to the end. Jeremy (played by Varun Saranga), Moody (Played by Orphan Black actor Kevin Hanchard) and Eliza ((Guest star Rachel Skarsten who fans will recognize from lost girl). All joined for season 3.

We last saw the Earp’s in a doozie of a situation, to say the least it’s been a rough time for the Earp’s and friends. The episode kicks off with a new demon chasing the trio down, but it’s quickly taken care of in true Wynonna fashion. She’s gotten a lot better at the gun spin since last season...

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